Private New Moon Ceremony

$22.00 - $180.00
  • Private New Moon Ceremony

The New Moon is a time of introspection, rest, and release. Celestial support for turning inwards, setting intentions, and letting go when old patterns no longer serve our greatest good.

This private class is a fusion of Kundalini Yoga, Full Moon Ritual, Sound Healing and Alchemical work that empowers personal growth and transformation.
We begin with journaling and a New Moon Intention Setting Ritual, then transition into Kundalini Yoga, a meditation and close with a gong bath.

The theme of each month will be informed by both the astrological energies and your own personal journey. Wonderful for individuals who prefer a more solitary practice with guidance, or for a unique event to share with friends and family.

Connect with your inner magick, begin to live with the natural rhythms of the the moon and earth. Remember your deepest desires and begin to manifest the life you dream of.

Includes one 15 minute consultation and 90 minute virtual event.
All ages are welcome!

In-person events are available upon request.